Living rooms are for the living and zip stimulates that feeling like natural light streaming through your windows. Affordable flats in Gurgaon have their own vibes but give your window spaces a second life by replacing them with new windows- curtains, blinds, or drapes will give a plus in housing.

In no other room of the home is colour so important as within the front room. Whether it’s used for hanging out, watching movies, reading, or sipping wine, the front room always gets many face time. The deep blue colour in the walls of the living room communicates a sense of rich tradition, while lighter blues evoke the breezy, carefree feeling of a day at the seaside.

Make sure that the ceiling is white, so as to avoid a claustrophobic feeling. The ceiling is the prime area to intensify your space. You’ll give the space a replacement look with an ornate ceiling. Patterns, panelling, or maybe mosaics are installed to make interest. Crown moulding, which is installed where the walls meet the ceiling, is out there in an array of designs, in both wood and composite materials.